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Frequently Asked Questions

Shimmer is a cutting-edge service that enables users to input any online store URL, immediately cataloguing it into our comprehensive global search engine. Shimmer utilizes a powerful, aesthetically driven AI visual search experience called Mixpeek to demonstrate the store's contents and our platform's capabilities.

To catalogue an online store, all you need to do is input the store's URL on Shimmer's platform. Shimmer will handle the rest, integrating the store's content into our AI-powered visual search experience.

No, Shimmer does not have a limit on URL submissions. Our service is built to process countless online stores, ensuring an ever-growing, comprehensive global search engine.

Shimmer's AI visual search is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that interpret visual data in unique and insightful ways. This allows it to find connections and similarities that might not be immediately obvious, offering a visually pleasing and highly intuitive search experience.

Shimmer's AI visual search tool can be used by typing in a keyword or uploading an image on our search bar. The AI will then sift through our vast catalogue of online stores, returning visually similar items or items related to your keyword.

Absolutely! As soon as a URL is submitted, Shimmer instantly catalogues the online store and updates its global search engine, ensuring you always have access to the most current information.

Yes, Shimmer is completely safe to use. We only use the URLs you provide to catalogue the online store. We do not store personal data or share your information with third parties. Shimmer adheres to all global data privacy laws and regulations.

Shimmer's basic features, including the submission of online store URLs and use of the visual search engine, are free. However, we offer a premium subscription for users seeking advanced features and personalized experiences, like custom visual aesthetics and prioritized search results.

Shimmer is designed to catalogue any online store selling physical or digital goods, from large ecommerce platforms to small boutique shops. If it's an online store with a URL, Shimmer can catalogue it and integrate it into our AI-powered visual search.

We have a dedicated customer service team ready to assist with any queries or issues you may have while using Shimmer. You can reach out to us via our contact page on the website or through our in-app support feature. We are committed to providing a seamless experience and will do our best to resolve your concerns promptly.