Just Launched: Japanese Stripe Denim​​​​​​​​​ Only 60 available. 100% cotton. 10oz in weight. Available in: Men : Work@ / Hack@ / SlimR / V-Fit / Anderson Women : Eira / Aurelia As always, Made in Wales.

2023-07-06 07:30:56

Only 3,000 were ever be printed and only 200 remain.​​​​​​​​​ There are no copies of YearBook 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - even I wished I had a few more. I have taken to eBay to pick a copy or two, but most people are collectors and not sellers of them.

2023-07-04 08:01:09

At Hiut we encourage people to try and go as long as they can without washing their jeans. Not everyone agrees with that, but for us it makes sense for lots of reasons. So we formed a club around it. The best clubs are the ones that are the hardest to join. Running a marathon entails 26 gruelling miles, so joining the marathon club has a barrier to entry: Pain. Likewise for an Iron Man: Even more pain. The reason we set 6 months as a timeframe to go without washing was because it was hard to do. It was a challenge. And, we love being put to the test. Some of the real diehards have gone 12 months and more without washing their jeans. Like the best clubs, it has become a real badge of honour. And so it should. The longer you can leave a new pair of jeans without washing them, the more beautiful a pair of jeans you will have at the end of it. When you finally go to wash your jeans, you will have one of the most beautiful pair of jeans on the planet. One that is unique to you. No matter how hard a jeans maker tries, no factory can do that. Each crease will have been made by your own individual way of sitting, walking, even which pocket you put your phone in etc. They will be made by us, but shaped by you. But there is another very cool by-product of the 'No Wash Club: It saves a bunch of water, which makes for a more beautiful jean in how it looks, and how it takes responsibility for its impact on the planet. As a company, we know we have a silent shareholder called Planet Earth. Yes, we can make our products in the lowest impact way that we know how. But for jeans, the biggest impact comes from us all washing them. The enemy is indeed the washing machine. Here's to the non-washers. #nowashclub #lowimpact #madeinwales

2023-07-03 21:05:33