Join the movement towards sustainability! Did you know that less than one percent of clothing gets recycled into new garments? It's time for a change! At Goodfair, we're dedicated to making a positive impact by offering you pre-loved, high-quality clothing that's both affordable and eco-friendly. Together, let's embrace recycled style and pave the way for a more sustainable future! #SustainableLiving #RecycledStyle #LessThanOnePercent #goodfair

2023-07-09 22:49:03

In a world where fast fashion reigns supreme, Goodfair is here to make a difference. Our online thrift store is not just about one cheap t-shirt; it's about transforming the way we think about clothing and its impact on our planet. Every garment we offer carries a story, a piece of history waiting to be cherished once again. By choosing Goodfair, you're not only embracing unique style and affordability but also actively contributing to a more sustainable future. Join our movement and become part of the solution. Let's break free from the cycle of mindless consumption that harms our environment and exploits resources. Together, we can empower change, one conscious fashion choice at a time. Remember, it's not just about one t-shirt. It's about the 8 billion people on Earth who deserve a cleaner, greener, and more compassionate world. So shop consciously, spread the word, and be proud to wear your Goodfair finds!

2023-07-08 07:53:21

Whats 's up freedom loving thrifters! Celebrate this Fourth of July with huge savings at Goodfair! Enjoy a fantastic 30% discount on all items! Link in bio- shop now!

2023-07-04 15:31:41

Naples, Italy is making waves in the art world with their monumental display of "Venus of the Rags"! 🎨✨ This remarkable sculpture not only highlights their commitment to sustainability but also resonates deeply with the values we embrace at Goodfair. As a sustainable fashion brand, we believe in the power of art to spark change and reshape perspectives. We're inspired by Naples' vision and their fusion of art, sustainability, and innovation. Let's celebrate this incredible initiative together and continue making a positive impact on our planet! ♻️🌟 #NaplesArtRevolution #Sustainability #VenusOfTheRags #Goodfair #ArtForChange #EnvironmentalConsciousness

2023-07-03 20:13:13

Small wins add up

2023-06-26 23:15:09